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    Chicago Man Throws Snow at Wieners Circle Employee, He Didn’t Want to Wear Mask

    A Chicago man who entered The Wieners Circle in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood was caught on camera throwing snow at an employee and shattering the business’ glass door.

    The company tweeted a surveillance video showing a man standing without a mask in the restaurant on Wednesday. The man begins what seems to be a verbal exchange with an employee who is not visible in the video.

    In the video the man is seen turning to exit the store, picking up snow from underneath a red picnic table, re-entering and throwing the snow toward in the direction of the off-camera employee.

    The Chicago man then exits Wieners Circle for a second time, gets more snow and re-enters, running toward the counter and reaching over the counter as he throws the snow at the employee. The man exits again.

    “He came back with a brick and shattered our door,” the restaurant said in a tweet. Exterior surveillance video captures a man throwing the object at The Wieners Circle and then running away.

    Chicago police told CNN the person is not in custody, and that they are investigating what happened.

    “An unknown offender entered a restaurant and attempted to order food. The male offender was asked to put on a face mask when he became irate and opened the door of the restaurant and threw snow at the store associate. The offender then fled in vehicle and returned and threw an unknown object at the front door causing the front door glass to break.”

    The door has since then been fixed according to Wieners Circle.

    State mask mandates end on February 28th for indoor dining.

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