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    Melania Trump’s Team Says Boycott T.I

    Melania Trump’s team isn’t happy about Melani posing nude now that she is first lady of the White House. In attempts to lash out at T.I for bringing sexy back to the White House, the team is calling for a T.I boycott.
    The rapper recently posted a video of a look alike Melania dancing naked for him for his new album promo for “Dime Tap”.

    Melania’s rep Stephanie Grisham tweeted, “How is this acceptable? #disgusting #boycottT.I.” on Tuesday she told people “Like it or not, she is the first lady and this is the White House. It’s disrespectful and disgusting to portray her this way simply because of politics. These kinds of vulgar attacks only further the divisiveness and bias in our country — it needs to stop.”

    The video is evident to be Melania as she wore the same jacket to a child detention center in Mexico, during June. The jacket caused much uproar as people did not know what she meant by wearing that jacket. Melania has haf more than just one fashion flop in political reputation.

    T.I isn’t really caring about how Melania’s team or anyone else is feeling as he posted to twitter to express his thoughts.

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