Tiffany Haddish Haircut & How Act Like A Man Versus Women In Comedy

Tiffany Haddish Haircut & How Act Like A Man Versus Woman In Comedy

Tiffany Haddish haircut may have cracked the secret on what successful women in comedy have to do.

During a recent talk with T-Pain on his “Nappy Boy Radio Podcast!” the host questioned Tiffany Haddish haircut. “I wanted to see my scalp, and I was tired of titties on the back of my f-cking neck.”

Tiffany Haddish haircut went viral a few years ago, as she did the big chop live on social media.

The comedy industries male dominance imparted on her style, she explained. She questioned, how to move like a man yet remain feminine. “I don’t wanna be a man”. She continued, “I wanna be as successful as a man. I really wanna get paid like a man with a pink [expletive]. Y’know what I’m sayin’?”

During her live haircut, the “Girls Trip” actress also cleared rumors stating mental issues.

She said, “Why when a woman decides, hey, I’m going to cut this hair off because I wanna see my scalp, she gotta have a mental problem? Nothing is wrong with my brain you guys. I’m not suffering from no emotional sh-t nothing.”

The actress said she had never actually seen her scalp and was even more curious after seeing the men in her field.

Additionally, joking with the comedian’s perspective, yet understandably, T-Pain said, “Now you talking about owning islands and sh-t,” the rapper joked.

The “Like a Boss” star said she noted that men in her career would often play around with their image. “I see they cut their hair all off; they grow it back. They do all this”. She continued, “They can move like that,” Haddish added.

As a result, the star did chop her hair off, and it felt like nothing she had ever experienced. She told host T-Pain, “And when I finally did it, I was in complete awe and amazement cause I had never felt nothing like that in my whole life.”

Additionally telling, T-Pain, “I really want to get paid like a man with a pink dick”. Noting the pay gap between men and women in comedy.

Women comedians booking ratio weighs only about 11.3 percent according to Zippia. Not to mention, the payout difference, which averages a 7,000 dollar annual difference. Stand up comedians racial disparity also adds on to why Haddish worked hard to figure out a plan.

Once During, “Red Table Talk” she also explained how a condition to her scalp played a role in her big chop. Living in Harlem versus L.A, her natural hair exception also appeared differently to the public eye.



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